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Mengela Safety Consult
You are in Safe Hands

✚ Safety management
✚ Training and planning
✚ Full health and safety audits
✚ Internationally recognised standards


What do we offer?

Mengela Safety Consult offers a variety of services, ranging from full health and safety audits, to training and planning and even procuring the necessary safety equipment on your behalf.

We will explain your options and give you advice every step of the way, to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Every time we walk onto a site ask ourselves: what is the worst that could happen?

Often the answers are revealing. Poor safety management can result in serious injury, death, long-term harm or pollution to the environment, irreparable damage to the company’s reputation, bankrupting lawsuits and most importantly, a deep and lasting impact on the lives of victims and their dependents.

Neglecting safety can leave deep scars from which companies and individuals may find it very hard to recover. It’s therefore important to plan for the worst. Mengela Safety Consult offers comprehensive safety audits, assessing all aspects of your operations. We work on maintaining internationally recognised standards, such as your HAACP or ISO certifications. And we help you draw up your disaster management plans and evacuation procedures.

Food Safety

Mengela Safety Consult has branched out into the food and retail sectors, inspecting kitchens and food preparation chains.

Hygiene is a vital aspect of health and safety that is often overlooked, leading to the spread of diseases, or unsound working conditions. We are currently involved monitoring airport and inflight catering at Hosea Kutako.