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Mengela Safety Consult
You are in Safe Hands

✚ Safety management
✚ Training and planning
✚ Full health and safety audits
✚ Internationally recognised standards

Welcome to Mengela Safety Consult

Mengela Safety Consult was established in the middle of 2012. Its founder and owner Martinus Mengela built his career as the safety manager of private railway contractor D&M Rail. In that capacity he was responsible for all safety aspects on D&M Rail projects. When the company offered to help him set up his own business and at the same time become his first big client, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

The result is Mengela Safety Consult, an experienced and well equipped all-round occupational health and safety company. Whether you are in industry, mining, construction or the food and retail sector, Mengela Safety Consult is your first choice for safety management.

Born in the North of Namibia, Martinus Mengela trained as an electrician for four years in Rundu, before developing an interest in occupational health and safety. He started as an assistant safety officer at D&M Rail and worked his way up to safety officer and finally manager of the D&M Rail's safety team.